Annual Memorial Day Observed
at Historic Laurel Hill Cemetery

Sunday May 26, 2019

On Sunday May 26th, members of the community, the Laurel Hill staff and friends, the General Meade Society, military units and personnel and veterans gathered, and sundry sponsoring groups, gathered at Laurel Hill Cemetery to commemorate and honor veterans with speeches, music by the Philadelphia Brigade Band and the laying of wreathes.

The day was capped off by victuals and beverages served up by the Kearney Kommissary at the cemetery Gatehouse.

The day began with the dedication of two new grave markers at their hitherto unmarked resting places:

Andy Waskie told the audience about Army Surgeon Richard Levis of the Army Medical Corps; he was a Civil War captain in the 6th Pennsylvania Cavalry. He served meritoriously to troops during the war.

Historian Russ Dodge told us about Captain Charles E. Richards, Co M, 6th Pennsylvania Cavalry, who was institutionalized after the war and spent the remaining thirty plus years in a New York asylum, perhaps a victim of the mental travails of the war that we characterize as PTSD.

We then proceeded to the grave of Philadelphia’s most distinguished citizen, the victorious general of the Battle of Gettysburg, George Gordon Meade and placed wreathes at modest stone. Ed Berna gave a wonderful keynote address to the crowd, one that captured the spirit of the day along with its history and provenance. [click to read it]

The procession moved to the Silent Sentry at GAR Meade Post #1 to place our final wreathes and the playing of “Taps” with a haunting echo of a distant trumpet.

The day’s proceedings were covered by local news channels ABC & NBC:

Video by Daniel Sierchio 

Photos by Daniel Sierchio

Video Clips of Memorial Day at Laurel Hill Cemetery 5/26/19  by Channel 6 ABC & Channel 10 NBC:–/5317884/–/5317884/