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Alex Palma and I visited the General Meade School last Thursday and were invited to join a 1st grade class as they were involved in the ‘Shopping Day’ at school.

By good conduct, efforts and achievement, students are awarded points which accumulate and can be used to go shopping at the school store.

The Meade Shop has a large supply of fascinating items that most pupils really enjoy. They run the gamut from real NFL footballs to sports apparel to games; watches; toys of all kinds; candy and snacks and drinks galore. The kids all had a ball shopping for their well deserved ‘goodies’.

The session was led by Mr. Adam Bergevin, known as ‘Mister Adam’ and his assistant who led the session.

There was great rapport evident.

Questions on General Meade were asked and answered enthusiastically by the kids. I even got the chance to tell them the story of ‘Old Baldy’ for which they seemed thrilled.

Adam spoke of the partnership of the General Meade Society with the Meade School and praised the Society for funding the acquisition of the items used to reward the pupils’ good efforts. The students applauded and thanked the Society for our participation.

Alex and I were delighted at the wonderful program which is greatly enjoyed by ALL the students and is used as an incentive to better efforts all around.

Afterwards, we viewed the period portrait of General Meade that once hung in the Main Hallway in the school, but is now hidden away in a closet.

We renewed our proposal to help with the restoration of the portrait and the school promised that if it is restored they would once again hand the venerable portrait of General Meade, so that all students, staff, families and community could once again be inspired by General Meade, the namesake of the school since 1874.


Andy Waskie, president
General Meade Society

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