This from Dr. Anthony Waskie on the recent Meade Society gathering at Gettysburg:

“On behalf of the sponsoring groups of the annual General Meade Honor ceremony at Remembrance Day, I wish to extend our sincere thanks and gratitude to you for taking time out of a busy schedule to attend and participate in the ceremony and for your sage words of welcome and support.

The abbreviated Remembrance Day events came off very well, despite the cancellation of the parade and the restrictions in place on gatherings.

Nevertheless, it was a meaningful, solemn and patriotic event and expression of our collective desire to honor the memory of the gallant veterans of the Battle and ‘keep green the memory’ of the events that secured the Union, ensured the freedom of an enslaved race and created a turning point in American history.

Everyone was delighted that you attended the service and were thrilled to meet you.

Your work at the park is bearing fruit, as the Park never looked better and we were able to visit Gettysburg and the Park to honor our history.

Sincere thanks

Andy Waskie, Ph.D.
Philadelphia Civil War History Consortium”