Following is the email issued by Society Treasurer and  Tireless Trip Planner Jerry McCormick:

“Hello Meadeites,

I hope you all had a spectacular 4th of July , but looking ahead to our fall trip, it has been POSTPONED for this year.  Along with Covid 19 uncertainties continuing, the primary reason we have had to postpone the trip is that Andy has been informed by the new U.S. Army Museum that it WILL NOT BE OPEN UNTIL NOVEMBER. Also, I have been in touch with Hagey Coach, and their policy, which will continue until further notice, is they only allow a maximum of 25 people on their coaches. We cannot do a bus trip with only 25, and to rent two busses would cost us $8,000.00,adding on more than $100.00 per person to the trip package price.

Some of you have already notified me that you had decided against going on the trip, but I’m sending this to everyone who had signed up and all those who sent me deposits.

Please let me know how you want your deposits applied now. Obviously, those of you that have sent in much more than the $50.00  minimum will get refunds. I will e mail you individually.

Remember, the trip has been POSTPONED, not CANCELLED ! If at all possible, please leave your $50.00 as a credit toward the new date. Of course, refunds will be issued upon request.

As soon as a new date has been set, we’ll notify you . The itinerary will be the same with a visit to the new Museum as it’s highlight. Instead of waiting until October of 2021,perhaps you may want the trip to be scheduled next April or June. Your feedback is most welcome !

Stay safe and stay COOL !