November 13th

at the Cannstatter
Volks-Fest Verein



Members of the General Meade Society of Philadelphia gathered at the Cannstatter Volks-Fest Verein celebrate the 25th (!) birthday of the founding of the Society, whose mission is to recognize the overlooked contribution of Philadelphia’s great general and citizen. The Society has felt for some time that General Meade has been slighted in Civil War history despite his victory at Gettysburg and other stellar service. They strive to educate the public and point out flaws in past portrayals of him and to get him granted his rightful place after the conflict.

Here is the program from the day as a PDF file.

But we’d like to recognize the Society’s members and other prominent Civil War personalities who have passed away since 2016:

    • Ted Alexander
    • Edwin C. Bears
    • Robert G. David
    • Kenneth Delcamp
    • Robert J. Fenner, Sr.
    • Joseph Lee
    • John Madsen
    • Betty McCormick
    • Joseph McCullough
    • John H. Newhall
    • Rev. Richard O. Partington, Sr.
    • Bob Reese
    • Brian Rosenthal
    • Eugene Stackhouse
    • Faith Gottman Wolford