Tree Planting at the Gravesite of General George Meade
at Laurel Hill Cemetery

Meade Gravestone

Laurel Hill Cemetery followed through on its mission to maintain the beauty and integrity of General George Gordon Meade’s grave site by planting another tree where the tree that witnessed the funeral of the General stood.

On Thursday, November 10th at 1:00pm, a ceremony was held to accompany the planting of a new tree over the grave of General George G. Meade to replace the ‘Witness Tree’ that sheltered the noble hero’s final resting place for close to 170 years and under which, 4 U.S. Presidents, dignitaries, Civil War veterans and generations of citizens stood to admire and honor the ‘Victor of the Battle of Gettysburg’.

The new tree is a 20 feet high White Oak which is being sponsored by the General Meade Society. A bronze plaque will be placed at the base of the new Meade Tree to mark the occasion. It is said that this tree may reach the age of 300 years, which is common with this variety.

Future generations of admirers of the gallantry and contributions of General Meade to the country will shelter under its shade.