The General Meade Society of Philadelphia commemorated the removal of the Meade Witness Tree at Laurel Hill Cemetery Saturday, May 28th. The Meade Society of Philadelphia observed the passing of the tree that saw three presidents and the great general!

Following is some of the tree’s history from the Laurel Hill Cemetery website: ” Towering above the unexpectedly humble gravesite of General George G. Meade, victor of Gettysburg, is a giant of a tree. Believed to have been planted in 1852 for the Honorable John Sergeant—Meade’s father-in-law, a Congressman, and founding member of the Whig Party—it was still a modest tree in 1872 when the General was interred in the Sergeant lot. In the ensuing 164 years, the Norway Maple sheltered countless visitors, war heroes, and dignitaries, including Presidents Grant, Hayes, and Harrison.

Though the tree has survived decades longer than expected, it has reached the end of its natural lifespan. The affectionately named “Meade Witness Tree” was professionally removed by the Cemetery’s arborists John B. Ward & Co on Saturday, May 28.”

Following the removal was a public ceremony and reception hosted by The General Meade Society of Philadelphia to mark the occasion. Here are some photos from the day: