The recent event at West Laurel Hill Cemetery — the 17th annual history symposium — co-sponsored by the General Meade Society and GAR Museum & Library was a fantastic success!

Held in April rather than cold and often unpredictable February, this symposium fielded its customary array of excellent speakers, provided an opportunity to peruse and purchase the books of Jim Schmick and his Civil War and More, and to enjoy the victuals of the Kearney Kommissary.

The topic? “The History of the Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.) Union Veterans of the Civil War” at the 150th Anniversary”


  • The Story of the Grand Army of the Republic and organizations of Union Veterans
    Prof. Matthew Jordan
  • The ‘WON’ Cause – African-American Veterans and the G.A.R. Prof. Barbara Gannon
  • A Friendly Rivalry – G.A.R. Posts No. 1 & No. 2 of Philadelphia — Dr. Andy Waskie
  • The Legacy of the Grand Army of the Republic  Hugh Boyle, President of the GAR Museum & Library

A wonderful day was had by all!