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Join the General Meade Society
for an Evening of Baseball
at Citizens Bank Park!

August 26th, Monday
7:05 pm

Buy One, Get One Free!
$38. For Two!

Yes! $19. per ticket!

“That’s a real good deal!” – Paul Krugman, Nobel Prize Winning Economist

Our Phightin’ Phils versus the Pittsburgh Pirates

Sections 105 & 106 Right Field Lower Level

Special Buy One, Get One Free gets you camaraderie with friends and Meade Society members for a fun-filled evening as the Phils head to the playoffs and a chance to win the NL pennant! This deal also entitles you to see a $44,000 at-bat and, if Bryce Harper hits a home run into our section, treated to a German beer at the Cannstatter VV, compliments of
GMS President Andy Waskie!

Click on this Phillies Stadium Seating link to view seating:
Click on Section 105 or 106 for stadium view


Contact: Tom Kearney at 267 446-2935 (M)

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