SEPTEMBER 16th, 2018  10:30-Noon

The Leister House Autumn clean up of the garden at Meade’s headquarters will be held on Sunday, September 16th at 10:30 – Noon-ish.

Ginny Benner informs the members of the Society who are volunteering that this trip will be dedicated to: “trim everything down to make it look neat and hope the herbs take over some of those nasty weeds next spring. So, we will … keep it neat looking as best we can.  I feel what herbs we do have in there are pretty established and should survive. 
Please let me know who will be attending as I do need to give a head count to the park
Also, I will need to order the tools we will need.  Let’s hope for good weather!” 

All those who wish to join the Meade Society is this volunteer effort, please email Ginny Benner at: ginnyqop@aol.com

Afterwards, we will gather at the Farnsworth House in town for a free lunch and toast to the Society and the great general.

Many thanks IN ADVANCE to Ginny & Tom Benner for all their efforts organizing this endeavor and to Jerry & Betty McCormick for once again arranging the fare at the restaurant!

The photos below are from the 2017 Fall Cleanup.
[click one to view as slideshow]