The Meade Society will once again meet to tend to the Leister House garden, the headquarters of the great general! This spring we will gather to remove old boards and tend to what we can botany-wise. We are waiting on the Park Service to bring new boards, so we are a wee bit at sea as to what exactly we can accomplish. But we will do something to perpetuate the heritage of the battlefield and the Victor of Gettysburg. (And yes, Meade and the Union won and Lee and the Confederacy lost the battle!)

Meade at Gettysburg

VOLUNTEERS ARE MOST WELCOME! We will meet at Meade’s Headquarters on the Gettysburg battlefield SUNDAY, JUNE 4TH at 10:00-10:30-ish.

The volunteers will meet for a gratis lunch at The Farnsworth House in town! Join us!